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Kosrae State is part of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) and is located in the South Pacific. The distance in statute miles to major regional metropolitan areas are: Hong Kong (2.661), Honolulu (2.960), Los Angeles (5.313), Manila (2.968), Sydney (3.417) and Tokyo (3.529).

KOSPRAG Inc., a Non Profit Corporation has been established to help to develop an abundant resource on the island of Kosrae; clean, natural rain water. This program will create an environmentally friendly and sustainable rainwater collection and bottling system coupled with a Hydro power generation plant. In the initial stages to supply power for the rainfarm operation and once fully operational will be able to feed surplus power back into the National grid. Discussions are advancing with Walter Foster 1V whose U.S. company develops and builds Hydro power stations as well as Solar Panels.

This project will reduce poverty and dependence on U.S., and European economic aid and promote community development, education and achievement through cooperative effort.

The distribution of net profits will be directed at enhancement of, - Employment, Local health, Education, - Arts and Crafts programs, Library programs for both young and old and encourage democratic participation.

The out-comes of the above will effect the whole community in improvement of their:

  • Skills
  • Self esteem
  • Motivation
  • Empowerment at grass root levels
  • Environmental awareness

The State of Kosrae has been chosen because of its geographical location, some 2,500 miles away from the nearest industrialised country, high rainfall averaging some 200 inches annually (with up to 400 inches on the mountain range) for the past 30 years, and the poor economic situation now evident on the Island which gives a compelling argument for immediate grant funding based on needs.
KOSPRAG Inc. complies with the requirements of Section 501 (c) (3) of the US Internal Revenue Code and its number is currently pending.

The project investment over the first two years is US $5-7 million and KOSPRAG Inc. is seeking grants from Governments and Private Corporations who may be willing to assist us to build the collection system, storage tanks, factory, bottling plant and associated infrastructure required, ensuring we produce the purest bottled water on the planet.
The management of the farm will be under a long-term management contract with Mr John Grainer who worked side by side with the inventor and Patent holder Mr Ken Clark (Who passed away suddenly in March 2007) being his 2 IC in the development and operation of two rainfarms in Australia.
We are fortunate to secure Mr Grainer as his knowledge and ability ensures that the integrity of our rain water is never compromised.

Markets for bottled rainwater have already been established through the two Australian rain farms that supply product into the Australian domestic market. Enquiries through marketing consultants in Hawaii and potential customers from the U.S,(Hawaii) Japan, Middle East, Ireland, South America and New Zealand have encouraged us to pursue these untapped markets to satisfy the consumers ever increasing demand for pure natural drinking water.

The initial development of the facility will be constructed by expatriate contractors, local Kosraens will also be involved as casual employees in the main initial construction stage. Once the facility takes shape up to 25 Kosraens will be employed and trained in all aspects of the operation.
An affiliation with a the Tertiary Institution “The College of the Federated States of Micronesia” has been discussed with the Vice Chair Professor Howard Rice and will be formalised ensuring employee education will be of a high level and access to high quality research institutions will be enhanced.


Unpolluted rain collected in a pristine location 2500 Miles from nearest industrialized country.
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